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HDSB Free Menstrual Products Initiative

Did you know that all HDSB schools provide free menstrual products for students in all female and gender-neutral washrooms? Students can access menstrual products at no cost in our washrooms.  Access and availability of menstrual products in schools impacts the dignity and self-esteem of menstruating students and can impact class attendance and student achievement. The HDSB Free Menstrual Products initiative is an attempt to address some of the gaps in access to menstrual products to promote awareness and alleviate the stigma of menstruation. Free access to menstrual products supports both gender and economic equity and raises awareness of and destigmatizes menstruation. The Free Menstrual Products initiative aligns with the HDSB’s Equity & Inclusion and Mental Health & Well-Being goals in the 2020-2024 Multi-Year Plan, along with Environmental Leadership goals as the initiative involves the responsible use of menstruation products. 

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