School Council


You can continue to support the school through the summer (and all year long) by:

1) Participate in the Growing Up Green Program with Sheridan Nurseries. All you have to do is shop for your gardening supplies at Sheridan Nurseries and then bring a copy of your receipt(s) to the school in September. We will submit all receipts and Sheridan Nurseries will provide Silver Creek P.S. with a gift certificate worth 2% of the pre-tax sales.

2) Order your Shutterfly books through our Storefront

13% of sales through our storefront will be donated back to the school.

3) Order labels from Mabel's Labels for your kids' clothing, lunches... whatever you need!
20% of all sales through Silver Creek's "Support a Fundraiser" link will be donated back to Silver Creek P.S.

Council Members

The Executive of the 2017-18 School Council is:

Chair: Denise Holloway
Vice Chair: Sue Pepper
Secretaries: Jennifer Dunn and Kim McNeil
Treasurer: Carolyn Tegelaar

School Council Information

Please click here to read the Silver Creek School Council Constitution

Meeting Dates

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

Meeting Minutes