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Head Lice Policy

If you suspect or know  your child has head lice, please contact the school office immediately.
In order to decrease the ongoing re-infection of other students in the school, parents of students sent home with an active case of head lice (pediculosis) will be asked to have their child rechecked by a CBI Home Health nurse (formally known as We Care Home Health Services). CBI Home Health can be reached at 905-507-6562 and 1-855-507-6562 and the receptionist will direct you to the nearest school where you may take your child for a re-check. On inspection by the nurse, if their head is clear of lice and nits, you will be given a written form signed by the nurse, which identifies that your child may return to school.

When you are sure the lice are clear call CBI Home Health again for a re-check.  You must have the written slip from the CBI Home Health nurse for your child to return to class or a letter from a medical practitioner indicating that the child’s head is free from live lice, eggs and nits prior to their child returning to class.

Fair Notice Policy

Please click here to read the Fair Notice Policy from HDSB.

Inclement Weather

Please remember that in the event that school buses are cancelled in the morning due to weather, they are cancelled for the entire day. Parents who choose to drive their child to school must make arrangements to pick them up after school. **Any bus cancellations also apply to before/after school programs.**

In the event that you choose to keep your child home on inclement weather days, you are reminded to report the absence on the Attendance System

School bus cancellation and school closure information can be found on the Halton District School Board website (HDSB), various radio stations and television shows. Parents will also be informed of any closures or cancellations via the Synervoice School Connects system.


Each elementary school, within the Halton District School Board, has a safe arrival process to help ensure the well being of our students. One important structure to ensure safe arrival is the absence check that takes place daily. In collaborating with parents/guardians we are able to provide a safety network for our students and we appreciate parent support. 

Please use the School Messenger app on your phone, go online or call
 1-877-409-6310 before 9:00 AM to report any late arrival or absence for your student. The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To report a late arrival, use the absence prompt and continue from there. 

If you do not report your child absent or late before 9:00 AM, the automated system will follow up and call you. If you call after 9:00 the system will only take an absence or late report for the following day and beyond. 


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