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Math Moments (At Home)

Solve one of the attached math problems and send it in to your child’s teacher, email a picture to hancockjo@hdsb.ca, or tweet it to @SCPMath on Twitter for an entry towards our monthly draw! The class with the most entries for the month will win a pizza party! Tweet using both hashtags #MySilverCreek and #HDSBSharesMath along with tagging @HDSBMath and @SCreekStorm for a bonus entry!

 Math MomentProblem of the Week
Grade 3/4
Problem of the Week
Grade 5/6
 Problem of the Week
Grade 7/8
  Week 30  
Week 30Week  30Week 30 

Solutions to the ‘Problems of the Week’ can be reached here. For example, the solution for ‘Grade 3-4 - 01 - POTWA-18-NN-ME.pdf’ can be accessed under ‘Week 1’ beside ‘Grade 3/4’. The letters at the end of the file name correspond to our math strands such as NN is Number Sense & Numeration, ME is Measurement, DP is Data Management & Probability, PA is Patterning & Algebra, and GS is Geometry & Spatial Sense.

Resources at Home
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